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Best options for new/restored seat

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I am now the proud owner of a 1977 V1000 Convert.  ;-T

It is running well but needs some cosmetic work. First up, the seat is shot - currently a mass of duct tape. I think the seat pan is good, but I am not sure of the foam. Sooo... What to do?  ???

Would my best bet be to strip off the foam and send the seat pan somewhere for rebuilding? If so, I'd appreciate any recommendations for a good vendor (preferably a Guzzi specialist!). Or if the foam is good, maybe I can just get it re-covered (again any recommendations on reliable, quality vendors would be great). Worst case scenario is I buy a completely new seat. If so, are there any models besides the V1000 with a seat that would fit. Being a bit scarce, there are not a lot of repro or NOS parts for this model...

(BTW, I'm really happy to be part of this group and owner of a vintage Guzzi!)

chuck peterson:
Welcome to Wild've come the right spot...especially for the Convert...there are quite a few here that know the ins and outs of that..I hope it's running okay for you now

a seat? MGCycle for a new repop, or Harpers might have an old one

Thanks Chuck. I will check out those vendors.

Re: the Convert, it seems to be running well. It's still at the dealer. Today I got plates and registration, so I will be heading out to pick it up soon - hopefully before the weather returns to its usual January temperatures!  ::)

Pat at Astech Seats can do a very good job for you.

Mike Harper:
Our seat guy can return your seat to new condition including the logo with only one condition and that is that the seat pan is in decent reusable condition. 

IE not rusted or rotted away.

Mike Harper


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