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Rocker cover gaskets CalVin

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Richard Tasmania:
The new rocker cover gaskets supplied by my dealer are different colour and material, metallic. They supplied four. Surely they made a mistake with quantity, it seems absurd to put two on each side. The gaskets appear to fit. Are they an improved part?
The inlet valves were set tighter than 0.004" and exhaust tighter than 0.006".  Do you think the last service set them too tight? I would assume with wear they would get looser.

Vasco DG:
Part number?

Richard Tasmania:
Thanks Pete, the part number is MGHEAD-6139

Seems like a truncated MG part number 976139, which is the correct OEM gasket for the Calvin. I stopped using these on my bike for two reasons: leaks within 4K miles each side, and the fact that they stick to both the valve cover and the head like glue regardless of whether you grease them prior to the installation or not.

I use part number 14023760, the same thick green gasket that's used on square fins prior to the Vintage.

Wayne Orwig:
I don't know the part numbers, but......

Years ago they used to use a gasket that was thicker and had a 'silver' coating. You could reuse that gasket and never give it another thought.
Then they switched to a thin brittle material, sometimes green and sometimes blue in color. You had to have a replacement handy if you do a valve adjustment they are so fragile.


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