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2 overpriced bikes ? An 850T & 1 million$ 750SS Ducati

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OK It's obvious that the $1 million Ducati on ebay is not a typo.
 Please someone tell me that an otherwise $40-$50K 750 SS  is worth a million because of its history? 
Then there is the 1975 850T "mild project" bike going for $3200 on the ebay.
So the engine has not been touched but is runs smooth as silk. But does one run any old chrome Guzzi engine these days.  Is this not asking for trouble?
What is the 850T worth?
And the Ducati?  :pop

Old blue is up to 100,1000 with 9 days and 16 hours left. crap!

igot the link for the ducati on a bevel site. as one poster said there are plenty of rich americans that will pay that for it. history cant be repeated


I don't think Old Blue will get to a million but, it should do better than where it is now. A 750ss sold last year in the Vegas auction for 160k with no race history. And as far as the 850t, 3200.00 is a bit high but, we know it's "smooth as silk" because he says so twice!


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