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--- Quote from: LowRyter on February 14, 2015, 06:46:38 PM ---he could've blinked.
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  :)  ha ha...good one!

Bill N:

--- Quote from: jdgretz on February 15, 2015, 06:16:04 PM ---I always love your photos Daniel.  These are wonderful and brought back a bunch of good memories as I lived in Texas (Copperas Cove, Austin, San Antonio) for a bunch of years.

The other big thing Mineral Wells is known for is being the home of Army Primary Helicopter Training.  The old Ft. Wolters, now the Wolters Industrial Park, in part houses a local prison.


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Tis true. I graduated from Primary training in 1967. Many students roomed in the old hotel. My ancient aunts, cousins, and grand folks would travel from far away  to stay there to soak in the waters and bring gallons of it home. Too bad the landmark is abandoned.  Good thread. Bill

These are not nearly as great as Daniel's but they're the only ones I currently have:

On 336 north of Leakey (336 is one of the Twisted Sisters):

On the Willow City Loop north of Fredericksburg:

Off the deck at the Oasis in Austin - post ride :)


--- Quote from: LowRyter on February 14, 2015, 06:24:29 PM ---as usual, great stuff Dan.

I am planning to ride the Three Sisters this April when I go to Moto GP in Austin.   You might want to cross the Red River at St Jo sometime.  I might try your route too.  Hwy 16 ain't bad either.

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If you are doing this post race give yourself two days to do it.  Kerrville is a great starting point for the ride.  It's about 130 miles out of Austin so you can make it there easy after the race. 


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