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 Thanks Deke . Yes , the Perdenales River can be dangerous . A friend of mine drowned in a flood just upstream from the falls in 1982 or so while leading a tough love group of teenagers on a 2 week long canoe trip .
 That area of Texas is a great place to ride in the Winter , have visited there several times , but it has been a while . May be time .



--- Quote from: PJPR01 on February 14, 2015, 06:44:04 PM ---Very nice...familiar roads indeed!  Did I miss it, or did you not make it to Luckenbach this time thru?  All the 3 Twisted Sisters are a blast...presumably you may have stopped at the Lone Star Moto museum just south of Vanderpool near Lost Maples Park as well?  Nice photos!

--- End quote ---

he could've blinked.

Very nice and informative series of photos.   Really helps us who haven't been there get a bit of a "feel" for the area, since the pics are taken by a fellow motorcyclist who knows how we look at things.   ;-T



Superb, applause!  We plan to retire somewhere in there.  Lost Maples is an all time fav part of Texas.

Love the Rexall drugstore.

I did the loop down to Matagorda and Mother Ocean today.  Pix tomorrow and trip report.  Too tired right now.

 ;-T ;-T ;-T ;-T ;-T :pop


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