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Forgive me Carlo

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Chuck in Indiana:

--- Quote from: RinkRat II on February 15, 2015, 11:17:24 AM --- Okay you devious b@&%!*^, what's the real plan?? Continental? Lycoming? the Radial in your  Lario thread?? We're Waiting..... :pop

     Paul :BEER:

--- End quote ---

  ;D ;D Well, the devious plan is to:
Ahem.. get it running and rescued
Take it out to the Oregon nationals next year in the van, stopping first in Idaho to ride some more if it.
Ride it to the coast, then all the way down the coast, one of my bucket list rides
Leave it in SoCal, to be able to ride a slow bike fast instead of a fast bike slow  ;D
Bring the Mighty Scura back to Indiana, where I can actually open the throttle occasionally.  ;)


--- Quote from: guzzi ride on February 15, 2015, 10:20:36 AM ---That is a very good sin. I've always wanted an MZ  mostly a replica and 1000s  ;-T

--- End quote ---

Aside from the MZ, what van do you have it in?

guzzi ride:
Thanks for the link Cheese... it's on my watch list.

Dean Rose:



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