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Bike Week, 7-14 March, Daytona Beach, FL


It's about 2 1/2 weeks until the start of bike week.  I'm going and plan to link up with Leafman60 for a few memorable meals.  We are also talking about hitting the flea and farmers market just west of the speedway.  I suspect we will also visit a few antique bike events but the real thrust is just to do some riding on the sunny back roads.  Anyone else going? 

I have not heard any talk about the normal Pizza get together, nor Camp Carlo.  What's on the schedule for y'all?

Peter Y.

Hey ole buddy,

look here:

Well, darn, that must have been posted while I was on Hawaii.  Leafman60 is usually one step ahead of me, thank goodness.

Peter Y.

I'm always around for it, I currently live only 20 minutes north of Daytona


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