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New v85 rear drive leak

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So my wife and I picked up a pair of v85’s last week, been running them in ready for first service this weekend, sadly my wife’s one started to leak from the rear drive at 550 miles ( that’s when I noticed it) both 2022 models so not old stock. A tad disappointed. We are of for a wee euro tour next week so it’s going anyway. First brand new road bike I’ve ever bought in the last 50 years. Bugger

Dave Swanson:
Have you been able to determine the location of the leak?

Mine did the same thing.
It’s the seal on the splined pinion shaft. Not a big job.
Off with the bevelbox .
With mine, the seal came out VERY easily…too easily. It wasn’t a very good fit in the recess and fairly hard. I got the usual “have to wait on Piaggio for the warranty claim…”
My response was ..
“Bullshit…Just replace it and I’ll pay….”
I went next door for lunch and got a call half hour later, all done, 70 bucks.

I did not want to do it myself in case there was any damage done, at least this way they own the consequences.
That was 17,000 km back… :thumb:

Is the oil splattering around the rear tire in a radial pattern, take the fill level plug out, the one at 9 O'clock to see if its over-full.
Sometimes rain can enter the driveshaft tunnel through the flexible boot behind the gearbox, run down the shaft and into the rear drive over filling it.
Changing the oil in the rear end is part of first service.

There’s a little hole right at the end of the swingarm, close to the join with the bevelbox.
That’s where the condensation and swill can exit the casting.
See if there’s anything producing there.
Really though, it’s 10 minutes to have it off…(if you have a centrestand..)
You can stop guessing at that point.


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