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1976 T3 to Le Mans Replica mini build

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That's a really nice job.

Nice job, that looks great. I also appreciate you kept the T3 badges. Is the fairing from MGCycle? Would the factory headlight fit in the hole? (looks like you have an aftermarket headlight).

Northern Bill:
The fairing was from MG cycle as were all the brackets.  As far as I know the headlight was the original T3 light but I had never seen a T3 prior to starting this project.  I had to trim the bottom of the fairing to fit the wider forks but other than that everything was straightforward. The fairing itself came with no holes so I fitted the fairing to the headlight first, then I fitted the lower bracket and drilled that hole in the fairing. The top brackets that fit to the headlight ears have two attachment points. I drilled for the top two near the screen. I put on rubber spacers on the two attachment points that normally have drilled holes on either side of the light.

I got my plate today so I should be on my first test run this weekend.

Thanks for the reply in regards to the fairing. Sounds like it's pretty adaptable. How do you like those exhaust pipes? How would you describe the sound? Warm or are they harsh?

I think I found some on youtube.....

very nice.

Northern Bill:
I can't say much about the exhaust. I've only been around the block.  I did get my plate yesterday so I am going for a test run later today.
l read a comment once that the La Franconi exhaust sounds like a big block v8. When I rode it around the block, I thought to myself "that really sounds good, just like a big block v8" but in all truth I am not sure what a big block v8 really sounds like! At times like this I wonder if I can think for myself these days. The influence of media on us all is huge.

After my run this afternoon I will report back on the sound.


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