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riding buddy killed

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My long time friend and riding buddy was killed on his brand new Indian FTR1200. He was a very experienced rider having competed in numerous Baja races along with Malcolm Smith. He was 67 years old and crashed into a 22 year old motorcyclist. I don't have the accident report as he wife has not received it yet but it may explain what happened. The 22 year old is in grave condition. My preliminary guess is it was head on. I sorely miss you Jeff!

So sorry to hear of this. Had a good friend die on his motorcycle when we were in our teens. One of the few breaks from road riding I have taken since I was 17 (now 64). Prayers to you and his family…

Dave Swanson:
Horrible news!  Very sorry for the loss of your friend. 

So sorry to hear.

Never good news - condolences



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