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1967 V700 Corsa-Record

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Cheers Clint!

More little progress today.

After lots of comparison studying, I had concluded that Tonti had used clip-ons matching those used on Aermacchi race bikes which would be a likely fit given Tontiís previous association with the marque.  Those clip-ons were made by Menani.  Pattern replica bars are available.  Not certain if a real or pattern pair were used on the original Record bikes (canít seen MENANI stamped on the perches in Jimís pics, but not sure what that means)  but I had been searching for a real pair and had no success in contacting Menani via website or otherwise over the past year+.   

The same seller who provided the NOS pistons and used gas cap had this pair on ebay for quite a while, but they lacked the correct levers.    When I contacted him, he told me Menani closed permanently & they had purchased their remaining inventory for resale.    What he had listed was all there was and would ever be.  So I bought the bars and will make more correct levers if needed. 

They arrived a few minutes ago, so theyíll be installed shortlyÖ.  Very cool.

Installed the clip-ons.. big whoop but it is another piece of the puzzle.  Studying the pics with actual parts in hand, Iím not 100% confident that the original Record bike has Menani clip-ons.  They may be pattern but my Corsa Record has Menani clip-onsÖ. The estimated wooden perches that I had attached to the plain bars in mock up were very close, so I think my headlight vs cables issues should work.

Jimís fantastic pics (sure is nice to have a fellow obscure-detail-oriented bike person taking pics for you- thanks again, Jim!!) included better detail of the aluminum cover for the modified steel top triple tree plate.  The aluminum one I have now is a discard from a friend who had already started building a similar Record tribute bike.  Now I better understand why he wanted to make a new, more accurate accurate aluminum cover plate.  So do I.  But Iím also trying to mount the tach in a practical way, especially if/when I donít have a full fairing installed.  Now Iím thinking of utilizing the speedometer receiver in the top plate, with an appropriately fabricated aluminum cover plate.  This shows a little detail of the modified OEM steel top plate and the aluminum cover.

One of the biggest revelation from Jimís latest pics related to the tank.  I had several profile pics but these provided very little in terms of overhead perspective.   Now I have better information.  The tank top is much narrower than I understood it to be, especially at the rear.  So I marked the approx correct width on the rear on my current tank top.   The rest of the top needs to be narrowed as well.   My fat tank top will be replaced with a more appropriate narrowed tank top, so it should end up being much more skinny-sexy like I envisioned it to beÖ.


the pics also clarified more about the method used to shape them.  No English wheel or pneumatic planishing hammer.  All aluminum was shaped using traditional Italian methods of hammer and iron plate table (or stump).  Parts were not smoothed to perfection.  All of the hammer marks from the shaping and smoothing process are still present.  Very cool.  Many parts, including the seat and at least some of the tank & fairing, were painted with a plain paint brushÖ.

I chose this project specifically because the original bikes were spontaneous utilitarian bikes that were quickly finished in primer, not a cosmetically perfect machine requiring similar methods to be somewhat accurate.  I can handle primer on a paint brush and anxious to try shaping like they did.


Today I posted my first video on this project.  Progress will probably be just as erratic and slow as before, but the plan is to document the progress going forward on video on my personal AC Button II channel & entitled ďMoto Vecchio- Moto Guzzi V700 Corsa Record.Ē Video 1 is an introduction and explanation of the project and my intentions in the new venue. People seem to like moving pictures better and after Canuck750ís recent fantastic pictures from the MG Factory Museum, Iím really looking forward to reworking some parts.

Great introduction Clint! I am really looking forward to watching your progress and learning from your methods, thanks for taking the time to share this.



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