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The only new pistons I can find online for my V7 sport are these old stock Asso pistons.

Does anybody have experience with these?

yes, fine cast pistons. Had some in a used endurance motor I bought from John Hoffman. It was 88x70 for 900 I think. I think one piston ended up disintegrating on the race track in an AMA Pro Twins race (topeka?), but it was being used (abused) well past its expiration date. I wouldn't hesitate to use them in a street bike.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
These? If so, the domes are a different shape than the originals and the compression will be higher.

Guzzitech has V7 Sport Gilardoni kits for a good price:

Never thought to check with GT. Thanks!

FYI, all of the old Guzzi pistons I've had my paws on either were stamped ASSO or MONDIAL. 

Would those higher compression pistons be a bad thing? That is quite the dome on those. Nice opportunity to build a hot V7Sport.


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