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Mandello Anniversary stuff..(then the trip)

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The prospect of leaving soon for Mandello is starting to feel very real..
My Norge is now safely tucked away in the warehouse in London on the trickle charger and Iím getting regular updates on how things are going.
My friend Francois who lives in Paris, has blocked out one week and I will be meeting up with him at his apartment on the morning of the 7th, it is later than first planned but we will travel directly from Paris to Mandello and meet up with the people who have offered us our accomodation.
Who knows who I might bump into from the WG community..? :wink:
Also I went for the final fitting of my jacket today and it looks like this..

The script is not straight as you can see, but it has not been stitched yet and clearly the collar needs doing and some other bits, but itís getting there.
When I get to Mandello, I will throw the jacket into Lake Como and complete a lap in the warm air to dry it..
That will serve as a christening of sorts.
 :clock: :clock: :clock: :bike-037:

Looking foreword to following the trip with you Pete 👍

So many nooks along the shore to dunk.
You could find a priest to say a few words at the christening.
Throw some water on the Norge too.  You already did that, didn't you.

Great idea dunking the jacket in the lake.  Can never be cleaned again.


--- Quote from: Cam3512 on June 25, 2022, 09:40:44 AM ---Great idea dunking the jacket in the lake.  Can never be cleaned again.

--- End quote ---
Yes, I thought it would be rude not to.


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