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MV Agusta Fans?

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There is a MV Agusta Museum between Milan and Varese that is dedicated to the wonderful MV motorcycles and the helicopters the company made.

Love the pics, Jim.   Itís really great to see so many old bikes like the ones from your travels.  Thanks for taking and sharing so many of them.

Great pics Jim. Iím certainly a fan of the Brutale 910.  I rode one Sunday and canít get it out of my head.

great bikes , i've got a 350 ipotesi and a 125 sport ( project)
the quality of the finish is amazing, but parts are hard to find.
MV made 2200 ipotesi's , and 1200 125 sport , so good luck finding parts.

Did ya'll see KTM is taking on US distribution for MV Agusta? Not all dealers will stock the bikes, but they will be able to order them and get training for their techs for warranty work etc


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