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MV Agusta Fans?

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--- Quote from: Moparnut72 on September 29, 2022, 07:28:28 AM ---My local Guzzi dealer sells multi brands. I was in the store a year ago, they had a MV on the floor. I don't remember what model but it was pure sex. It was far outside my budget and far from being suitable for my riding needs. I "settled" for a Bonneville instead.    :grin:

--- End quote ---
Thatíll be something like an F4

Recently I was in Unique Superbikes of Miami.  They are the largest MV dealer in the US.  I was shocked when I entered the showroom of their meager facility.  Never seen that many new Italian motorcycles in one building. I think I counted 65 MV's on display.  They also a dealer for Aprilia and had a significant display of Aprilia bikes.  They used to carry Moto Guzzi but they didn't sell so they dropped them. ome of the MV bikes were models I've never seen or heard about.  All were very cutting-edge sporty, high end, expensive.

John A:
This video came up and belongs here,
Beautiful machines alright
Giacomo Agostini looks like he is the most comfortable when he is sitting on a bike.

TN Mark:
Great pictures of beautiful motorcycles. Thank you!

Agusta is spelled as written, differently than the town in Georgia  :grin:

The mustard colored building shown in the photo of Cagivaís entrance sign is a pretty decent hotel, located right on the factory fence with the lake behind.  I stayed there overnight once but didnít get to tour the factory.  Iíll do it again some time, itís a beautiful area and the history of Macchiís Schneider Trophy race planes being pushed out of the factory for takeoff is really something.  Obviously Aermacchi became a competitor of MV and the classic MV racers have nothing to do with Cagiva or their factory, but they bought the name and have done more with it since 1998 than Agusta ever would have done.

Castiglioniís son ran the company for a while after his passing but itís now owned and run by foreign investors.


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