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MV Agusta Fans?

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I did see that. Potentially good news, at the present time there are 10 dealers in the US.


The MV Agusta factory is located in the original Aermacchi sea plane and motorcycle factory on the shore of Lake Varesse.
In 1978 AMF Harley Davidson sold the Aermacchi brand and factory to the Castiglioni brothers and that was the beginning of Cagiva. In turn the brothers bought out Moto Morini and took over Ducati for a period. As far as I know the only bike the Casiglioniís currently manufacturer is the MV Augusta line.

I tried to get a peek inside but the receptionist said not a chance. There was one modern MV motorcycle on display in the factory lobby.

 I did get a look into one bay of the factory peering into the windows, full of old school machine tools. The factory is not very big but the parking lot was full so work must be going on inside.


--- Quote from: huub on September 28, 2022, 04:22:53 AM ---great bikes , i've got a 350 ipotesi and a 125 sport ( project)
the quality of the finish is amazing, but parts are hard to find.
MV made 2200 ipotesi's , and 1200 125 sport , so good luck finding parts.

--- End quote ---

The Ipotesi is a great looking bike, your a lucky man, very rare machine!

the ipotesi is now fully restored , bought it with a seized engine , turned out the kickstart mechanism was blocked , and the pistons were frozen in their bores.
amazingly managed find the parts to restore it.
took a few years.
the 125 is waiting for ( engine) parts.
I bought it as a non runner , turned out not only the bigend was seized , it also had no piston.  :embarrassed:
the picture does not do the 125 justice , the thing is tiny.
everything is built to be as light as possible, the frame tubes smaller diameter than bicycle frame tubes 

My local Guzzi dealer sells multi brands. I was in the store a year ago, they had a MV on the floor. I don't remember what model but it was pure sex. It was far outside my budget and far from being suitable for my riding needs. I "settled" for a Bonneville instead.    :grin:


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