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--- Quote from: Vanity toadstool ---
But then there is that [Bellagio] motor! That glorious motor! Without a doubt the very best 2-Valve big block ever built, and they built a lot of good motors.
--- End quote ---

I agree.

john fish:
Oh you 'orrible bastard!  I'd love to have a Bellagio (but not enough to go through the pita of importing one).  I even like the original looks:

though your custom is spectacular.

Stunner !!

Old Jock:
You know my thoughts on that machine Moz, but if in any doubt I think it's brilliant

Thanks for the education on the Bellagio


Oooooh that's an extremely successful build!
(which reminds me of my roadster  :grin: )

Would have loved to check out Roper's assessment of the motor, not that I doubt it....


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