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So I need advice on direction for a build project. I have several old guzzis, mostly from the 70s. I picked up a wrecked 2001 California 1100i. I have a 95 California roller with title and planning on combining parts. I have good tins on the roller and this one came with Guzzi Bags and and engine but not much else. 

Unfortunately it looks like this thing has already had some juicy bits removed. (See pics) no gauges, ecm(s)? headlight -so a lot of electrical gone but to be honest I donít even know what is missing first FI guzzi.

So what are my options on this build?

1)  Can I just put carbs on it? Is that the ignition module or will it even have spark w/out the computer?

2) try and track down the missing electronics? Probably too spendy for this old thing I know.

3) call this a mistake and part it out.

Any advice is welcome.


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