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Iíll be in San Antonio for a few days later this month and Iím thinking of renting a bike and hitting the Twisted Sisters. Any recommendations for rentals?  Google shows several places but none of them have a great average review.

I rented a Honda CB160 in 1969 when I was in San Antonio for training. I hadn't ridden since September 1968 and was itching to get on a bike, any kind of a bike. I rented the 160 and a short later it quit running. From what I knew later by working in a bike rental shop in Denver at night after being stationed there. We had 160's and 305 Super Hawks. The 160's were prone to valve train failure so I am pretty sure that is what happened. The rental shop tried to get me to pay for the repair, I refused and left. I didn't over rev it nor miss a shift or abuse the bike in any manner. Working in the bike rental shop I saw all kinds of abuse and damage. The Honda dealer down the street kept a pretty good stock of the usual breakage parts for us.

Why not just bring your bike?  That is what I do.

You may look for one of those ride sharing apps where individuals rent their personal motorcycles out to help with their payments.

I was in the Army, this was a temporary training assignment and on top of that I didn't own a car. At my permanent duty station I had my R50/2 shipped from home Ct to Denver. Cost me a whole $65.   :grin:

Have you checked Riders Share ?  It is a website where people rent out the motorcycle they own.  I've done that a few times. 


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