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Bought an R80/7

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I think most every older bike Iíve gotten has had some level of nesting, but that one takes the cake.  Those fabric covered lines will probably leak badly and should be replaced. Green scotch-brite pads and WD-40, or better yet AC-50, will quickly bring the aluminum cases into nice shape. Usually, if you remove the 10mm bolts on the back sides. of the battery box, it will pivot to the rear and you can barely slide the battery out the top.

Mouse nests in airhead air filters are quite common.

Legend has it that for airheads - particularly /5 airheads - a
battery was suspended in mid-air and the motorbike was built around it.
If you get a battery of SLIGHTLY different dimensions to the original Mareg,
it can be an absolute pig to install/remove. Battery maintenance with lead acid batteries
on these bikes is sometimes neglected as a result........

It really doesn't sound too awfully bad so far, Dirk. Of course, it's early days yet and you
haven't fired it up. But still -  things look encouraging!    :grin: :thumb:



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