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Bought an R80/7

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Nice find!  :grin:


Pretty much anything you want to know about BMW Airheads is here:

Sometimes a bit verbose but worth the effort.

Vech is gone for parts but Max BMW has pretty much filled the gap.

...was mine until I discovered Moto Guzzi.

I had a riding buddy many years ago who had the exact same model. Nothing exciting but an excellent workhorse.

Kev m:
We had a couple...

My first was a baby poop colored R80/7 - not this exact one, but its exact twin. I have very few photos and they're all old school meaning prints in a box somewhere. I saw this one at a monthly gathering many years back and thought I'd stumbled upon my old bike:

Jenn's first bike was a former one owner R65 that was a pretty fun:

I sometimes miss both, but I don't miss having a genuinely old bike.

The irony of course in looking at what you're doing goes back to my original reason that I started riding Guzzi smallblocks. I passed on the one opportunity to buy a NEW Airhead in my life, and the Guzzi smallblock represents what I think the Airhead COULD have become if BMW had just stayed with it and modernized it instead of abandoning the platform for the Oilhead. But the Guzzi has the added benefit of a more interesting motor.

So a little over a decade ago I ordered the first new 2013 Stone from FBF and waited patiently for it to arrive. I remain quite happy with it today. So I'll stick with my smallblocks.


--- Quote from: Kev m on March 27, 2023, 08:06:14 AM ---I HATED that cable operated MC.... otherwise, cool ride.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but Kev, that was a highly sophisticated piece of Teutonic engineering...until it wasn’t.     :grin:


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