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If your favorite actor/actress road a Guzzi???

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Walter Pidgeon on a 250 Albatross… Tweetie Bird on a Egretta

Part 1- It’s me, playing the role of a grown up, riding my flogged V7 Sport. 

Part 2- There’s no reason for me to seek an escape from the inadequacy of my world.   When I’m on my old bike, I am perfectly fulfilled and confident that there are other people who want to be me- even if all they really want is to ride or restore my bike.  Very cool.

Now, back to the previously scheduled externalizing……

Al Pacino on a red V11 sport or better still a red ‘07 Norge.

Lee Marvin wringing out the mighty GRiSO 8V.
 In "Emperor of the North" he was called A#1. Traveled the rails during the Great Depression on Steam Locomotives. Tough as nails.

Not necessarily my favorite singer but since he does ride a Guzzi he’s higher up my list.


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