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Will a V7 III License plate bracket fit on the V7 I?

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Hi everyone.  I am wondering if the mounting holes in the V7III License plate bracket align with the mounting holes on a 2014 V7 stone?  I am interested in getting some aluminum fenders for my V7 and will need a license plate bracket.  I found a deal locally on a V7III license plate bracket like the one linked below from af1 racing but am not sure if it will fit on my bike.


V7 -

Kev m:
I can try taking a look in the morning but I'm pretty sure the frames are different there. I believe the subframe pictured is how the smaller carbon fiber or aluminum fender and license plate bracket is installed on V7III models that don't use the larger fender (unless they all use that bracket). Either way my MkI has a different reinforced bracket under the fender. Unless that piece uses the same frame mounting holes I don't think it will work. And I know the subframe on my V7III interferes with the Corbin seat that fits fine in my MkI. But I'll look closer tomorrow.

Thanks Kev, I appreciate it.

Kev m:
I take it back - I THINK IT MIGHT WORK.

It looks like the sub-fender support on some V7III models utilize the same front fender support bolts as our MKI and then ALSO uses a second set of bolts just behind them - but what is interesting is it looks like the hole is there in the frame already on the MKI.

It's a little hard to see because my HB Junior racks are partially covering it. But sure looks like it's in the right place and if you're swapping fenders and that mount you should be good (assuming not HB Junior racks).

A couple of pics.

My MKI (you can just see the hole I'm talking about peeking out from behind the rack):

Here's the V7III from the same angle:

And here's the V7III peering under the fender mount/seat latch brace assembly from the front showing both bolts. On the III models this subframe actually sits inboard of the end of the main frame tubes):

So double-check that your frame looks the same (it should) and it is or can be clear (when you remove the MKI fender), but I THINK you're good to go.

PS - NOTE in the photos that I've got HB topcase racks on both of our V7s.

The MkI definitely has two mounting holes similarly placed to those on the VIII.  What I'm not certain of is if the holes are in the same configuration/spacing on both.  Mine are 20mm apart.


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