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Stainless nuts/bolts/bits, V7 III

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Hi all, I would like to replace a number of fasteners on my V7 III that are starting to look rather ratty after 4 years of age and 17k miles worth of Ohio. I don't suppose there's a nice Guzzi specific website for anything like this? I would prefer not to go on a scavenger hunt to all the local hardware stores and their abysmal metric stock, if possible. I appreciate any help.

Not sure about Guzzi specific but I order most of my metric hardware from Belmetric. Even with shipping itís much cheaper than using the local hardware store.

A quick Google search yielded:

Wayne Orwig:
A few boxes of SS fasteners from McMaster Carr lasts a lifetime.



--- Quote from: Dirk_S on March 28, 2023, 06:29:49 AM ---A quick Google search yielded:

--- End quote ---

This is about exactly what I was hoping to find, thank you. I'll have to remember gutsibits, I'm annoyed I haven't heard of them until now and am even more annoyed it didn't turn up on my own Google search, lol


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