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ABS removal

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I have a 2007 Norge and am thinking of removing the ABS stuff.
Has anyone here done it and what are the pitfalls ?
I can disable it with the switch, but it re engages at the next startup. I do contend that the braking feels “smoother” without the ABS engaged.

Not on a Norge but I have bypassed the IABS III on several early BMW R1200GS's and in the end had excellent non-ABS brakes.

Does the Norge have a fuse for the ABS? If so disabling it could be as easy as pulling the fuse like the VStrom owners do. Or has a inline toggle to make it easily switchable on/off.

The 1200 Sport is ABS Free.  I imagine you could remove all the sensors, tone rings and the ABS unit with fuses and lines from the bike and just run brake lines from the MCs to the calipers, but I have no idea how that may or may not mess with the ECU or Dash.

Yes, the Norge has a fuse (maybe 2) for the ABS. Try pulling those first. Maybe that’s all you have to do.
If I remember right they are in a separate fuse holder mounted to the battery cover with a rubber snubber.

Thanks guys for taking an interest.
It is the possibility of throwing a digital wrench into the ECU, that I fear the most.
If I were to de activate the system with a fuse pull, I would also want the hardware gone as well.


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