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Hello, My name is Clayton. I'm a Millwright in a combined cycle natural gas power plant. I've been riding for 30 years or so. I just picked up a V85TT GDO last week. Unfortunately winter has just begun here in Saskatchewan so I'll have to wait a few months before I can ride it. This is my first Guzzi. My Dad bought an Eldorado brand new in 74 and still has it so I'm familiar with the brand. I'm looking forward to putting on some miles.

Hello gang!

My name is Chris, I'm 56, and I push a mouse for a living in Victoria, British Columbia.

I just bought a 1969 V7.  I've had other Moto Guzzis (2004 V11 Sport with flaking motor paint and bad big-end; and a 1983 LeMans Mk.III which was lovely but far too uncomfortable for me).

A loop frame has been my dream since seeing one at age 5 -- it was the first motorcycle I remember being impressed by.  I'm no stranger to Italian motorcycles, (along with their vices and virtues) with a long history of owning & riding Laverdas (I currently ride a 3CL and a 1200 Mirage), and various trials and dual-sport bikes.

Thanks for letting me in.  I'm looking forward to virtually meeting you all!


Hi All,
My name is Tam. I'm 30 yo, and I'm a priest from Wilmington, Delaware.
I like motorcycles, travel, muscle cars, and reading a bit  :grin:

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this forum.
Good bless you!

One of my customers from IL became a priest, he's in OH. He is of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I was amazed when I got an email asking me questions on his Sport from 96. I tell riders the Pope rides a Guzzi, in reality the Papal Police. Welcome.


Mike Fossl, 62, retired, Pender Island, BC, Canada


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