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It's The Dead Of Winter

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Itís the Dead of Winter
I hate winter. I know that there are people who like it; who enjoy wrapping themselves inside a cocoon of insulation so they wonít freeze to death, but Iím not one of them. There are also people who donít especially like the winter, but prefer sub-freezing temperatures to the heat and humidity of summer. Iím of the opposite mindset. I donít especially like sweating my ass off, but I find it a lot more preferable to risking frostbite.
As most people who know me are aware, my favorite coffee cup has WINTER SUCKS emblazoned on it in bold letters.
Iíve decided to stay holed up in my apartment today. The temperatures arenít supposed to even get close to the freezing mark until after midnight and the weather forecast is calling for 3 to 5 inches of snow this evening. Then, itís going to warm up so that the snow will turn into sleet and freezing rain and will continue to warm up until itís all rain by tomorrow afternoon; which means that the snow will have the consistency and weight of overly wet concrete by morning when people have to shovel it. It will plug snow blowers as soon as theyíre started, and older folks will be dropping by the scores from heart attacks. As a little bonus, once the rain stops, the temperatures are supposed to plummet to well below freezing, so all the little bits of slush that didnít get completely cleared away will freeze into a good imitation of polished and waxed granite. Oh, joy.
Winter loving acquaintances tell me I should find a winter sport and learn to enjoy it. They have suggested skiing. Now, aside from having to do this in miserable temperatures, there are two very good reasons I donít want to take up skiing. First, the idea of putting slick boards on my feet then sliding down the side of an ice and snow covered mountain sure looks like a real recipe for pain and disaster. My friends  who ski have told me that if I feel out of control, I should just fall down. Iím a motorcyclist. All my training and instincts are to not fall down. I can just see where replacing my survival skills on the street with that tidbit of information will really be a help. ďYes, Saint Peter; when I saw the soccer mom yakking on the cell phone in her SUV and drifting into my lane, I decided to play it safe and laid it down!Ē  Uh; Right!
Second, I have a bad ankle. It was crushed in an industrial accident back in the Ď90s, and it hurts like a toothache in the cold.  Skiing is definitely out.
Ice skating is another Fail as well. That same ankle isnít very flexible. Besides, I have never enjoyed skating, whether on blades or rollers (at least roller skating happens in a heated building).
What other winter sports are there? Bobsledding? Uh, no thanks. Snowmobiling? It can be fun, but itís still too freakiní cold. Curling? I donít know the first thing about it, and donít really care to learn.
Pretty basically, the best part of winter for me is the chance to get away from it. I think there are a lot of others who feel the same way, even if they donít want to admit it.
Bike Week in Daytona is the biggest motorcycle rally in the country. It regularly draws a half million people or more to Florida where the temps are much more tolerable. As we all are aware, the vast majority of rally attendees havenít the least interest in the racing that takes place at the Speedway. They go so that they can once again feel warm and get some sunlight on their skin.
Thatís also why trips to the Bahamas and various Caribbean Island resorts have January and February as their peak Tourist Season. There arenít too many people who want to loll around on a lawn chair at Prudhoe Bay in January. Hell, there arenít too many folks who want to take a scenic February cruise up to Anchorage either, I bet. While Iíd like to see the Northern Lights some day, it will either happen in the Summer or it wonít happen at all.
Well; Iím stuck in New England for this winter, but Iím taking steps and making plans to be in a much more enjoyable climate for next year. If it all comes together, I wonít even need a long sleeve shirt; unless itís to keep the sun off my skin. It really is something to think and dream about.
Now, I wonder if TV Land or one of the other old TV show channels is having a Death Valley Days marathon?


weīre not only the same age.............weīre brothers in arms !!!

Thatīs exactly the way I feel about !

Here's another like-thinker, Crusty.  I'm still living in RI mostly because I've accumulated so much stuff it would be too much work to get rid of it or move it all to a warmer place.  I've got the excuse of advanced age (72+), but I didn't like winter even when I was as "young" as you are.



-21C, sunny blue sky,  but is still sucks!

Heated garage and bike projects help, just.


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