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An Unnatural Sound

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Hello All,
I was wondering if you guys might have some insight into an issue Iím having with my 2012 Griso 8V SE. Every time i start the bike cold it makes this rattling/scraping sound. It only happens at startup. Besides this sound the bike runs perfectly.

Iíve had it since march of last year and Iím the second owner. When i bought it there was 11,500 miles on it now it has 15,500. It does sleep outside but never uncovered. Something to keep in mind if and when the helpful suggestions start flying, I have a rudimentary understanding of how the bike works but I am by no means a capable machanic. I am planning on taking it into my local dealer but I wanted to check in with you guys and see if anyone has had a similar problem.

Hereís a recording of the soundÖ

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


--- Quote from: ChappyBoffins on January 17, 2015, 12:49:27 AM --- It does sleep outside but never uncovered.

--- End quote ---

Possibly a deep sleep induced thing, try keeping it awake, maybe leave a radio on under the cover.

Or it could be starter motor not releasing, button sticky in the cold ?

I have the same sound every cold start (Norge 8v)

Hasn't really bothered me I guess I have learned to live with it.

Vasco DG:
That's pretty good audio and I think what you are hearing is the sound of the bendix retracting after the starter relay cuts out after four seconds and the starter spins down.

I have no idea of what history of bikes you have but to me that sounds perfectly normal. Perhaps I should post up an audio of my great chunk of shit starting when it's hot! You'd poop yerself! ;D

Really though, that's just what they sound like. Once the chains wear a bit you also will get a brief rattle as the tensioners, that have bled down, take up the slack but on my bike this disappears within a second or so.

Stop worrying and remember it has a rev limiter so there isn o need to be easy with the go-handle.


Sasquatch Jim:
  That is only the sound of parts that are un-naturally dry of oil, pay it no mind.


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