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Removing Norge Airbox

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Hi, folks.

I'm removing the airbox for the first time on my (new-to-me) 2007 Norge so I can change in the inside plugs more easily.  The bike has about 33000km, and the previous owner advises that they haven't been changed for quite awhile.  I've located the instructions in the shop manual for removing the box, bit it really doesn't seem to be cooperating, and I want to be sure that I don't break anything.  Although it has warmed up significantly in the Toronto area today, it's till below freezing, and the plastics are bound to be a bit brittle.

The manual indicates to "slide off the sleeve from the throttle body", and I can force them off, but they just seem to want to slide back on.  Do these sleeves slide into the airbox like those on my V11 Le Mans, or do they just deform to come off the throttle bodies?  It looks like if I can't get them to retract a bit, it might be tough getting the box up and out through the upper frame rails. 

I'm sure this is pretty simple once you have done it once, but I would prefer to understand before forcing something that shouldn't be forced.  BTW, I did search, but couldn't find a clear answer. 



Bill Hagan:
First, as with most of my responses to any post that poses a remotely technical question, well ... don't expect much.   ::)

Now with that (nonetheless) accurate disclaimer said, let me say that I have pulled the air box on my 2007 Norge more than once -- and got everything back together and it all still works!  Obvious point is anybody can do it and not break anything.

OK, here's what I recall. It took way more "oomph" -- to get off and in (harder than off, as I recall; sorry) than made me comfortable.  

You mention cold.  Are you doing this in an unheated garage?  If so, well, first, condolences.  Second, admiration.  And, third, heck, you just might want to figure out some way to warm those up to work with 'em.  Oops; sorry.  Them.  Annoys your fellow countryman Nick949 to contract "them."   ;D

Seriously, most of the curses and scraped body parts I've had with Guzzis have involved air boxes and throttle bodies.  A pox on the designers.   :'(

So, hope someone with recent experience chimes in to help you ... and, actually, me, too, as I will be pulling mine off again in the next month or so.



Edited to add that I very much doubt the inner plugs really need changing.  In fact, IMO, the only good reason to do at your low mileage is to put some anti seize on them so that they aren't an unmitigated PITA to remove when needed.   

It's pretty robust, spray some silicone lube, make sure all attachments are clear and yank it out. The lube makes it easy to replace too.

  Whenever I pull the airbox again I will make sure I have around 3 ft. of that clear tubing that drains the oil from the airbox.  Not sure if the '07's have it but when I got the airbox on I had the drain tube routed wrong and it was a bear getting it right.  There is only one way for it to go on correctly.  The tubing looks like aquarium air line.

I found it easier to remove the air cleaner and grabbing/pulling it from the inside of the box.


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