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Removing Norge Airbox

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Shaun,      Yes, I now know who you are, I remember. Long ride from FL to Canada.

If you clean out TB's, shoot the spray in from the opposite side of bike, a clear shot.  And the drain hose for the box is on LH side on rear corner, careful not to break off nipple.

Thanks again, Steve.  I will give them a cleaning.


They may not be pliable in the temps you described, I have always pulled my box out in a warm garage.

Thanks, MM.  Yeah, I should probably wait, but I really want to get the Norge buttoned-up and off the lift table.  I promised to help my neighbour put a lowering kit on his Harley Night Train (he has really short legs!!), and I want to get my 850-T/750S project back on there for reassembly.  Patience was never my strong point, but procrastination certainly is, so I need to keep moving!  I'll try pointing some heat at things while I'm working.  It's actually +3c here, at the moment!  That won't last long!

I noticed that you are from Vancouver, WA -- great place (I used to live in the Vancouver, BC).  One of the things I thought was cool about that area was the ability to live in Vancouver (low property taxes), and shop in Portland (no sales tax).  Not a bad combination!  I seem to recall that that mall everyone went was the Lloyd Center?


Well, thanks to the excellent advice here, I was able to remove the air box without too much trouble, and was successful in getting the inner plugs swapped out.  Very glad I did, as they were not easy to get moving, and were quite corroded on the outside when I got them out.  A little anti-seize will hopefully prevent that next time.  By the way, I used this tool, as recommended in some other posts:

I'm glad to say that it worked very well, but I still have to question the thought process that went into designing this frame/engine combination.   ::)

The other reason that I was happy I checked the inner plugs is that one of the plug wires (right-side) fell apart as I touched it, and the terminal remained attached to the plug.  Also, the coil side was improperly seated, with the wire mostly pulled through the boot (terminal exposed).  Not sure what happened there, but I'm glad I found this, as that plug might not have been doing much.  Question:  does it matter which plug (inner/outer) is connected to the upper and lower terminal on the coil?  I wouldn't think so, but each side is different on this bike. 

The left side plug wire came out just fine, using the tie-wrap trick that I heard about here.  I then tried testing the left (good) plug wire with an ohmmeter, and found a complete lack of continuity.  Is this normal with these?  I would have thought there would be some change on the meter?

So, it looks like I need a new set of inner plug wires, and these look unique enough that I'm assuming I should order replacements from the dealer rather than aftermarket.  Is that a fair assessment?

Once again, I really appreciate everyone's input.  This would have been a lot tougher without!   :bow



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