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Tank bag for Calvin


Steve Swan:
Hi, i'd appreciate hearing your preferences for tank bags for the CalVin.  I have been using the Guzzi CalVin bag, but want something waterproof and easy to take off and put on.  Thanks for sharing your experience!

I ridden many a mile in the rain and never had any of their products leak.  Not all that large and no whistles or bell.

I use the Roadgear Sport with straps. It expands a bit, but is pretty ideal (for me) in the standard configuration. Its not waterproof, but is pretty resistant to the stuff behind a windshield. It includes a rain cover (only really good for when the bike is parked...when in motion it fills up with air like a balloon) and spare parts (buckles and such) are available.

I wore out the silver one (pictured above) and replaced it with one that is all black. It is much easier to keep clean...

With a metal gas tank any of the dozens of magnetic tank bags will fill the bill.  Most have a waterproof cover.  I've had Tourmaster for a dozen year that I've used on my Bandit and EV.

Thanks to Greg Field for providing me a bag for the Greenie (fitted plastic tank) out his stash for gratis.


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