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It's raining a lot even for the rain forest.  Sitka is under a VERY unusual flood watch, and the streets are deep in water.  The city plumbing backed up to the point that storm water coming out my drains.  Area rain gauges have been logging up to an inch an hour for the past several days.  Official tallies are in excess of 5"/day in some places, and just over an inch/day avg for the year.  I drive past storm drains that have become geysers, blowing their lids and gratings off.  Water is ankle deep on the sidewalks -- and flowing strong enough to carry off small dogs.  My back yard and porch are inundated.  The lake across the street is a couple inches from busting brig and paying me a visit.  There is no break in sight.

This is the outwash of a typhoon.  The rain is accompanied by summer temps (high 40s/low 50s), and winds to match.  When the wind is just right the water comes in around my doors and windows.  There is another storm system stacked up right behind this one, and the biggie that annoyed the Pope in the Philippines is scheduled after that.  We're joking that the optimists see the town as half full of water and the pessimists  . . . .  you know the rest.

So if you see me float past, please toss me either a life ring or a beer.  Right now I'll go with either.

Might be time to inflate the duckie  ;D Seriously , that kinda blows . Stay safe . Wait , is the trike safe ?


I think you would be full up not 1/2 full.

best of luck RK

Jim Rich:
Sounds like some Houston rainstorms I've experienced.  Might need to keep an inner tube or canoe handy.  Hang in there buddy.         


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