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How to best remove metal Guzzi tank emblem

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How to best remove metal Guzzi tank emblem?  I want to prep tank for my paint guy....any ideas?

Thank you

Antietam Classic Cycle:

Yup, that ^

I still haven't removed mine, I think today is the day since I've got to get my sheet metal lined up for a paint job on them next week finally - it's been too cold to touch anything metal in my garage, going to bring them in today (or tomorrow) and do this!

Thanks for the link, Antietam.

Specifically, I want to remove the badge from my 2013 V7 Stone so I can paint the tank and then apply a Guzzi decal.

The badge appears to be plastic that has been glued onto the tank but I don't want to find out the hard way that I'm wrong.

Can anyone confirm how a 2013 V7 Stone tank badge is mounted or what it's made out of?

Thanks mucho.

I just worked through removing metal Moto Guzzi badges. This worked great....the pins that hold it on are behind the first O and the first Z...I used a plastic kitchen scraper to raise a corner carefully just enough to get a zip tie behind it...slowly working it closer to the pin...once one pin popped I rotated the badge a bit and did the same with a zip tie at the other pin. Worked great.
Tank goes to the paint shop on Monday


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