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Metal Timing Cover Gasket Question


Should be an easy one.. should I use a gasket sealant on the metal timing cover gasket? (i'm guessing not..)

it's this one

hm, now I have a new question: did I get the wrong part? This is going on an Ambassador.. but she don't seem to be listed as a model on that page.. hrmph.

Antietam Classic Cycle:
Should be a normal paper/fiber gasket, part no. 1200 1200. The metal one is for the V11 Sport, V11 LeMans, V11 Cafe, Balabio, Vintage, Bellagio.

Thanks Charlie... that being said, any reason I should *not* use this one? it seems to fit, holes line up, etc.

Vasco DG:
I can't think of any reason not to use it. By belief is that the metal with coating gasket was adopted during the spineframe ere because the timing cover was prone to moving as it was one of the mounting points and the engine started being a truly stressed member in the Spineys. Tales are legion of earlier Spineys popping their timing chest gaskets and leaking like stuck pigs. The new gasket type seems to have cured the problem.

If you look at it you'll see it has a raised seam running down the centre of the gasket face, whether this contains some sort of sealant or whether it is just a raised bit of the plat in coating I don't know? They seem to work though as later Spineys aren'trone to the timing chest leakage.

Note that the 8V motors use a different gasket again.



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