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No winter so far, second straight year, at least I can ride


Except for the highest elevations most of the Sierra Nevada around here is dry, my place in Plumas County has had 2-3 inches of snow total and looking out the window it looks like summer. 61 today in Reno and anytime I can ride comfortably in January is a good day, problem is we're running out of water. A very weak system moves through Tuesday but we need a drastic reversal in Feb. and March to put a dent in this drought.

Yeahoo Whoyah:
I've been calling this dry and warm month Juneuary

Aaron D.:
Yeah, I know, only 20"-30" snow forecast for us Monday night...

Buck..not much difference 518 miles to your east in Utah. Rode the V7 for the last 3 temp gauge said 52 today. We're between 4,300 and 4,600 feet in elevation in the valley. Almost no snow cover on the ground below 5,500. Spent part of today in the west desert target shooting in t-shirts...crazy weather!


--- Quote from: Aaron D. on January 25, 2015, 07:02:49 PM ---Yeah, I know, only 20"-30" snow forecast for us Monday night...

--- End quote ---

Too bad that's not where it's needed, be safe.


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