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steven c:
 Period road test, they like it!


chuck peterson:
one of the best reviews of a Convert I've ever read...thanks ;-T

oddly enough, the writer "gets" a strange ;D

A little sloggy to read through but as stated above, the author 'gets it' about the Convert better than most.  The one part I think he missed was the reasoning behind low gear.  He says it's to enhance engine braking at high engine speeds (translate -- you run a few rpm higher in low range which makes the engine brake effect more pronounced.  The same road speed in high gear gives more of a 'coast effect' with a heavy flywheel.)  I say it's to keep oil pressure and voltage up in slow traffic.  He also implies that you use the clutch in a traditional way.  It's not a conventional guzzi BB clutch and it's not used like you would with a 5-speed.

Otherwise it's one of the better period reviews I've seen.

Excellent , very well written article, Thanks Steven.
Its true that the writer "gets it" what the  convert is all about.  My Cal II auto , is my favorite bike to use on slick roads, with the sticky shinko tires, and smooth power delivery, its in its element.


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