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New V7 Special 850 Stumbling

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blu guzz:
It is disappointing and sounds like the old Guzzi in that the first set of owners are the Beta testers.  When they launched the V85TT, those bikes were well sorted with no issues like that before we were able to buy them.  In over 19k miles  - nothing on mine.  Many other owners have had good riding just like me.  Now, with that said, mine is Euro 4.  Maybe it is a good thing that MG is finally getting into water cooling.  Those should not have to be tuned within an inch of their lives to pass the tests.
We current and former R series BMW riders certainly remember the surging issues on the 1100 and 1150 series until they went dual plug in 2004.  Of course, Corporate denied there was any problem and blamed it on the riders.  There were never any new maps issued that I ever heard about (it would mean admitting that there was a problem).
At least MG is actually trying to satisfy the customer.


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