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NEW** 1100SS

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Great looking build.  Please post more pics and details.  The seat and tank fit together very nicely.


Fantasic work. Nice project that will be fun to follow.

Brg Jonas

Great looking bike!  I have some inspiration for my 96 Cal III.... :thumb:

Looks great ! 

Definitely more details and pics  please!

Im trying to get rid of my floor boards on my jackal / Lemans mashup -
Your setup seems like it keeps the stock jackal side stand stop -  if I remember  correctly I was going to have to cut mine stop off for the shift lever to fit.  Howd you manage that! 

Id love to see the details on how you all mounted the seat and tank too

Keep up the great work!

Here is the final product:

Mark did a fantastic job.

A lot of subtle changes that narrowed / shortened the bike.

The proportions are really something else especially in person.


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