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CX100 Restoration


I am restoring a 1981 Lemans CX100. I am trying to source a new headlight which is a sealed beam unit. I have all of the mounting hardware (shown in photo) but the light itself was broken. I have been told that I can possibly try an automotive unit. If anyone has any guidance it would be very helpful. I have checked with all of the traditional sources, (MG, Harpers, Cycle Garden, Mark Etheridge, Greg Bender)

Antietam Classic Cycle:
Did you get my Message? Sent you a link to what I believe Rick was recommending. Are there any numbers printed on the back of the broken sealed beam unit?

You should really post this in "General Discussion", not "Bike Builds, Rebuilds And Restorations Only".

Yes I did Charlie, thank you!


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