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Re: [MGPC] Probably Just Displaying Team Unity But...
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Unfortunately, I made my usual mistake of reading the comments instead of stopping after the article itself.  How many guys must still live in their moms' basements and spend the day pecking out inane drivel.  It's worse, of course, on (what passes for) news sites, but is is all dispiriting about one's fellow citizens.

On the merits, top dogs in the moto-racing world -- and, FTM, I suppose, the best in any field -- have to have egos beyond we ordinary mortals to claw their way to the summit.

It's thus nice to read even a touch of modesty and self-effacing from a leader.  It was, after all, only a touch.   :wink:


[Edited because I failed to see how the "auto-correct" feature had boinked up my post.  Yes, I am O/C.  :wink:
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