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Okay here's the deal. My wife asked for a decent set of binoculars for xmas. None of the kids took the hint. Now it's down to me.
Since this list is the source of all knowledge,  give me some insight and advice. Used would be fine.

Leopold makes great binos  at a price a great deal lower than Zeiss or Steiner and the glass is superb. I have the Pro Guide BX 4 10x42s and love them...

bad Chad:
Iím a fan of compact binoculars.   I did some research about 15 years back and found Nikon to be the best combination of price and quality.  I have been enjoying them ever since.

Does she wear glasses?  If so, eye relief distance is especially important.  In general, you give up a bit of field of view to gain more eye relief.  A company making some ripples with their scopes and binoculars and competing with the best German gear at more moderate prices is Tract:

I have some of their rifle scopes and they are great and exceed expectations.  For more affordable rigs, I don't think you could go wrong with the Nikon Monarch series.  A forgotten option is the mid and upper range Pentax gear.  They make most of the high end eyepiece optics for serious telescopes and are highly regarded, too.  I did a lot of comparisons a few years ago and ended up getting some Pentax 8X43 ED's and have been very pleased at how they compare to friends' Steiner and Zeiss.

My expectations for this group are not unfounded.  This is exactly what I was hoping for.
Yes, she does wear strong prescription glasses and has pretty severe astigmatism.
Thanks for the responses.


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