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Timing gear lash and lubrication.

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I have a set of Caruso timing gears that I fitted to my Norge.
Here is an image

Question is..
I consider the lash between the crank and cam gears to be absolute minimum. What is the consensus regarding this lash ?
Will it increase or decrease when hot ? My educated guess is that the cases will expand when at operating temp, resulting in them “growing apart” a very small amount, thus increasing the lash. But that is only a guess, does anyone have an educated opinion ?
I would like to hear from Tusayan as well as anyone else.

Won't everything expand at the same rate and the lash will remain constant?


--- Quote from: Sye on April 15, 2022, 09:41:14 AM ---Won't everything expand at the same rate and the lash will remain constant?

--- End quote ---
I think the coefficient of expansion is greater for the aluminium. Given that there is more mass, I think the crankcase will get “taller”, thus increasing the lash.
On my first assembly, I started the bike and it just sounded......”tight”.
The thought of the two shafts closing up with no clearance was a concern, so I temporarily threw the chain back in.
I considered rigging up a jig to spin them under load for a time to bed them in before refitting.

Unsure as yet... :popcorn:

Hmmm, the only thing I can compare it to are the gear driven cams on my Vfr750, although they are slash cut gears. Four cams and two connecting gears were in aluminium casings and went on forever.

Hi Peter...what difference in sound or performance are you noticing with these new gears?  When you say tight, do you mean the bike feels restricted in performance, or just tighter as in you're breaking in a new engine?


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