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Sold my Griso to a nice home and no regrets. I also owned a Monster 1000 S2R alongside the Norge, but now realize the big girl is the one I've always enjoyed most. Other bikes have more power, electronically adaptable suspension, choice of engine mapping, blah, blah, blah. None of that matters. What matters is the riding experience, and nothing tops a Norge. As someone said, "there's something about a Norge."

I like my 07 Norge but was tempted to get rid of it until I upgraded the entire suspension. Other than a few minor issues it has been a pretty good bike.

Hear hear!  Love my 2008 2v Norge….miles and miles of pure riding pleasure…I hope it lasts forever!

I've had two of them, a silver 2009 and now a red 2007. Between them have put on 100 K miles. Of the 25 bikes I have owned over my lifetime, this model is my favorite.

Definately one of the best looking Sport Touring rigs. I really liked mine, but when riding back to back, found I liked the 2V head motor in the Griso more than the 4Vhead Norge so I sold it. Traded it for an MGX-21 actually. That bike wasn't a good fit, so I sold it and started looking for a 2V Norge or 1200 Sport, and ended up with a 1200 Sport. Even though my Norge had several issues, it was such a great all around bike, and even saw significant dirt/mud gravel time when I looped Vancouver Island. Balanced, rock solid, and soft/smooth engagement on all the controls.

There is a sweetness and balance to that chassis that can't be matched. I idled the 1200 Sport this last year as I couldn't bring all my bikes with me on my short move to SC, but it will be coming with me to KY this summer and look forward to pushing it closer to 100K miles.  The 12S gives up some wind/weather protection to the Norge with less fairing, but is a welcome respite in hot weather. When I have the room, I can easily see adding one to the herd again.


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