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KY Breakfast this Saturday?

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Anyone know if the Kentucky breakfast is meeting this saturday? It's listed on the mg NOC page but wanted to see if anyone here knew whether it was still on.

  Yes. Frisch's in Georgetown. About 0930. Look forward to putting a face to your forum name. By the way, new guy buys.😁😁

blu guzz:
I talked to Todd, the state rep and it is on.

Great time today, and once again enjoyed meeting other Guzzistas. Nice collection of bikes too.

Was 250 miles round trip, a bit of 4 lane and 70-75 mph runs (60 miles total), but otherwise beautiful country roads.Convert performed flawlessly, A solid 37mpg. Even after 30 miles of 70mph and hardish riding, the trans oil temp never got over 75c, and no foam or bubbles in the tank, so I'm more confident in the ATF pump and cooler.

Passed Jim Beam Booker Noe, Woodford, Wild Turkey, Makers, and Bardstown distillerys. Avoided temptation as I had to refinish a table today, and had to keep momma happy.

  Really enjoyed meeting you today Bulldog 9. Hope your busy schedule will allow you time to enjoy KY.'s back roads. Really cool Convert too.👍👍.  JohnB


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