Author Topic: Picking up a NOS 16 V7 tomorrow- questions on the first service  (Read 3323 times)

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Re: Picking up a NOS 16 V7 tomorrow- questions on the first service
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Okay, here is a pic from the ride home.  Now here should be by last stupid question from a noob for a while.  Can someone point me in the right direction to a video or a step by step proceedure for the the head torquing.  I have been thru the FSM linked  above in the thread for mine as well as a few others to try read about the torque order, if you lossen them and then tighten, if you tighten in stages etc.  I'm quite confused actually by the FSM.  It seems quite lacking in anything regarding disassembling the engine.  Only seems to give you a few "maint things" in the maint section and then under the engine it just says how to remove the engine.  Thanks!
Nice.  Got the exact same model but in red.  Been solid for the first 20,000 kms.  What mufflers she wearing?

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