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Dedicated GPS/nav device vs cell phone

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OK, from some of the photos posted here, I know some of you pursue each of the two alternate options: do you use a dedicated navigation device (e.g., TomTom), or just the mapping program on your cell phone? And why? Thanks.

Wayne Orwig:
I found Garmin units to be too fragile. And too expensive to have them break all of the time.
I also like the numerous app/map options on a smartphone.
I have used nothing but the smartphone for over 10 years now. My broke GPS units are on a shelf.

Queue an idiot that thinks a smartphone does not work where there is no cell service in 3...2...1.... :boozing:

Aaron D.:
I've used my phone/Google exclusively on bikes. My friends with expensive GPS units (including a cross country rally) have more trouble and errors.
Phone navigation includes the ability to download your route-Google prompts you if you are going to rural places . You do NOT need a cell signal to use them.

Iím still using my phone. I know GPS devices are structurally more robust, and being out in the sun for hours will shorten a phone batteryís life, but I guess Iím just not read to invest in a GPS device. Donít know if I ever will be. I used one on my Spain trip, didnít use one on the Turkey trip. Just downloaded the maps in Google Maps, and prayed the navigation system was able to ping off other signals for location.

I still use paper maps..🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


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