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WOW this guy can really ride a V85

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Once again proving it is the rider and not the bike..... I wish I could ride my dirt bike as good as him.   :thumb:

john fish:
Cool video.  Thanks for that.

For the more experienced ADV type riders out there-- do you lower the tire pressures when you go off road like that?  If so, to what?  Thanks.

Mercy! Very skillful.

I would likely need an extra shot of tequila before facing down that last obstacle!  :shocked:

At one point I was very critical of these “Adventure Bikes” and due to an extensive amount of trail riding and motocross racing as a young man, I felt they were much to heavy for any serious trail riding, as I rode a Honda XL250.
Then after watching several Utube videos of guys riding the new HD, BMW m, MG and other heavy adventure bikes m, I have admitted to myself that the issue was not the bikes weight.
It was I simply was not near as good of a rider as these guys on the heavy duel sport bikes of today.
This being admitted, I’m still not convinced they make a great 500 mile day touring machine.
However I could also be wrong about that one too🤔

Remind me not to buy a used V85 from this guy!


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