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UK Sidlow Framed Endurance Racer

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Earlier the year I bought a Racebike Chassis and tank that was built by Andy Sidlow from the UK in the late '80's. It was raced for the '87 or '88 season before it was retired in favor of a spine frame. It was an impulse buy.

I have a bunch of leftover parts from the LeMans SE racebike restoration/build and am going to use them up here.
The frame had been altered from the original build and I will be putting it back.

As purchased-

Rear frame deleted. will be doing a proper subframe

Frame sandblasted, exposing old school bronze welds

Will be installing a Lemans 1000 motor that already has a cam, but no heads. I have a bare set of big valve heads and am deciding where to send them. I'm not concerned with streetability, as I have other bikes that fit that bill.

other parts going in,
Tranny - Cal III
clutch - transkontinental
rear drive 7:33
forks - lemans 1000
carbs - lectron 40's
Wheels - 17"
brakes - got that covered too.

Hi Turin,

Very cool project, will definitly follow along here. Do you know if the bike was succesful compared to the competition in the day?

It is an interesting way they have mounted the rear shock. Right on the middle of a piece of tube.

I don't know if it was successful. probably not. They did switch to a spineframe the next year. It was designed with quick drivetrain swaps in mind.
upper shock mounting-

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Very cool.  Thanks for the thread.  I'll be watching.

Very interesting frame, it will be a cool bike!
Looking forward to watching your progress, if it’s anything like your last GUZZI build it will be stunning.



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