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Little Green Wing - Aermacchi Ala Verde

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Thanks Clint!  Excellent information. My ESAB welder can only TIG carbon and stainless steel. I have debated upgrading to a full AC / DC welder that could TIG aluminum as well but thatís going to cost me at least $2K more if I can sell my MIG / TIG / stick unit. I am going to spend an afternoon with my friend George next week getting some hands on experience TIG welding aluminum.

If you have room for a bigger/older machine, thereís good deals on AC/DC TIG welders now that people keep switching to the smaller inverter welders.  Iíve got a Miller Synchrowave 250 that cost $1K with everything except the tank and am now seeing more in the same price range lately.  great machine- it will weld anything I need.  Some of the older TIG machines are even cheaper.  The smaller Synchrowave 180 units have fatal failure issues with non-serviceable diode boards, so need to be avoided.  I prefer the analog switches & dials over digital & touch pads, even if I donít know where they need to be setÖ.  Donít know much about new machines.

One local welding supply shop has a service dept.  The manager/technician regularly has new take-off regular equipment water-cooled TIG torches that the pros switch out for their preferred torch when they buy a new machine.  Nothing wrong with them.  Itís just not what they're used to using so they donít want them.  Says itís pretty common and items are disposed of for a good price.  Might be worth checking if you have a similar supply shop with service dept to see what might be available to save $$.   

Thanks again Clint, I will check with a couple welding supply shops here.

The Ďsecondí engine side cover I brought back from Italy this summer had been welded up very poorly. My friend George the professional welder tried TIG welding up the holes but the filler material used was very contaminated and kept popping with each pass. After two attempts to weld the case George decided it would be best to cut out all of the old weld and make a new piece to weld in.
George used a plasma cutter to remove a large section of the case. A new piece of 4.5 mm aluminum was formed in a hydraulic press to create the concave firm and then after a lot of forming with a hammer and anvil the new piece was tacked in

Welded up from both sides

Plenty of work with a die grinder, file and sanding and itís pretty damn good

Very cool!  Glad to see that one was also successfully repaired. 

Not sure if it was a pic here here on WG or elsewhere, but didnít they make three versions of lettering on these covers?   Thought I saw pic of one that only said Aermacchi (maybe from one of the various Italian Bike museum pics) plus yours that say either Aermacchi Harley Davidson or just Harley Davidson.


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