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76 Convert Restoration

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Dave Swanson:
June of 2007 my daughter accompanied me on a drive to Michigan to pick up this 76 Convert.

 I had no idea that it would sit this long waiting, and waiting, but now the gears are slowly starting to turn. 

I have been picking up parts here and there and have quite a few stashed now.  A NOS u-joint just in case, Gilardoni set just in case, and many other parts.

The restoration took a big step in the right direction when I dropped the tins and saddlebags off for paint.  It will be a slow moving restoration as I have 3 bikes ahead of it, but thought I would start a thread.  They always help me keep track.

Vecchio Lupo:
How's it going??

I blame the Harley.

Dave Swanson:
Good things come to those who wait.  My painter has moved from full time to only part time as a painter. It took almost 6 months to get the parts back but I knew that going into it.  He's the best, and reasonable.  Very worth the wait.

guido guzzi:
Nice looking paint!
Haven't heard much from you lately, Dave.
Hoping your new year is off to a good start.
John Wendt in Wisconsin


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